One of the odd ball stories that seemed to infect every one of the news feeds I peruse throughout the day was one involving Governor Chris Christie and a tale he told while guest hosting a New York sports talk radio show about his recent lunch with the President. Apparently during the lunch President Trump insisted that he order the meatloaf while he was at the White House. The story in of itself is not what makes this odd to me. What is odd about this story is a bunch of outlets not only carried this story, but the coverage on this story ran the entire gambit from funny to wannabe serious psychoanalysis of President Trump’s mental fitness.

Some of the headlines seem to imply that President Trump made Christie eat the meatloaf in humiliation or like an angry parent. The actual articles where they dissected and carefully parsed each word uttered by the President were not much better. At least they stopped short of describing it as a situation in which President Trump pinned Governor Christie to the floor of the oval office while he tried to shove handfuls of meatloaf into his mouth as he screamed, “No Chris you get the meatloaf because steak is for winners!!”

If you are one of the news sources that tried to turn this into a serious analysis of Trump’s personality as controlling and use this as evidence that soon he would be putting brown shirts on the street; you have lost touch with reality. You have gone to a place where you took a trivial anecdote told by Governor Christie and tried to turn it into a ground breaking parable about the evils of dictatorship and by extension President Trump. If you are one of these media outlets and you are offended by the term fake news, you really should not be, because you’re part of the reason why Americans no longer trust the media.

I know that turning every little thing President Trump does into a negative story sounds great in your coastal elite echo chambers, but I can tell you it is not playing well in Middle America. The continuous smear campaign does not make the mainstream media the crusaders for Democracy because it has the reek of propaganda. Every time the mainstream media rebukes the President for calling them Fake News and in their haste run more fake news the very next day, their credibility dies a little more. The constant and over the top criticism only serves the interests of President Trump because it absolutely ensures that any legitimate concerns cannot break through the wall of static that they have created. It is ironic that their struggles to guarantee everyone hears them; has ensured most people have tuned them out. Yes mainstream media your mission to destroy the orange tinged titan has inadvertently swaddled him in the mythos of media slayer and American loves a winner.

Posted by redstateronin

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