Democrats lean in close because I want to tell you a secret. You have been right all along, there was interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. At last you are vindicated… wait you do understand that I am not talking about the Russians hacking the DNC and Podesta emails and revealing the truth to Americans right? No I am actually talking about the proven collusion between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC and Media to actively work to install HRC as the Democrat nominee. Maybe in all your outrage surrounding the rumor and innuendo by unnamed sources of Russian interference in the election you have simply forgotten about how there is actual proof showing that members of the DNC worked with the Clinton Campaign and Media to ensure Bernie Sanders would never win the Democrat primaries.

Let’s recap the current Democrat and Media narrative on this whole situation. I am not supposed to be upset that government bureaucrats in the intelligence community are leaking top secret unsubstantiated data anonymously in what appears to be a concerted effort to undermine the Trump administration, but I am supposed to be upset that the Russians hacked into the DNC and John Podesta’s emails and then gave this information to WikILeaks in a campaign designed to discredit Hillary Clinton with the TRUTH. Furthermore I am supposed to demand congressional investigations immediately into rumors of links between the Trump Campaign and Russians where those Trump associates may have had legitimate reasons for being in contact with the Russians because they are conducting business in this country and those people may or may not have been Russian intelligence, but if there were it is likely that those Trump associates would have known this fact and the ongoing investigation into this allegations admits that they currently have no reason to believe that any laws were broken. Meanwhile I am to ignore the wrongdoing uncovered in emails that have never been disputed that show members of the DNC giving Team Hillary debate questions, the DNC brainstorming ideas on how to discredit Bernie and the Media working in conjunction with everyone to ensure that they all had their talking points in order.

The fact that you have thousands of people echoing the world’s least interesting man Michael Moore in his calls for President Trump to step down shows how completely unhinged the Left has become. Michael Moore you hypocrisy is showing. See in America we generally wait for things like facts on which to build our case and calls for impeachment. You are calling for the impeachment of a sitting President and all you have is rumor, innuendo and a couple of unnamed sources who actually say that they have not found any evidence of wrong doing.

Michael Moore your ignorance is showing. There is no constitutional crisis because the constitutional is quite clear in what would happen in the unlikely event that President Trump would be impeached. No your deepest fantasy of somehow Clinton being installed as president will not come to past because our founding fathers, unlike you, used their brains to plan for contingencies like this. No the power of the POTUS would pass to Pence in that event. There is absolutely no scenario which is ever likely to happen in which Hillary Clinton will ever be president of the United States. You and the rest of your infantile followers can kick and scream about the popular vote all you want, but Hillary Clinton will never be my president.

Congress has the power of oversight over the executive branch of government and if the investigation turns up actions that are questionable and may have crossed the line then they should move forward with an inquiry into the facts. Until that investigation has been concluded then any calls of impeachment are at the least simply ignorant and at the worse dangerous. If Democrats and the Media want to be treated like adults instead of children in need of being sent to their room then they can longer afford to be outraged about Russian hacking and not outraged about intelligence community leaks. They cannot call for investigations into Russian interference and blatantly ignore the DNC and Hillary campaign interference in the primaries. Applying your values in a consistent manner is tough, but it is how grownups behave.

Posted by redstateronin

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