The George Orwell classic 1984 has experience something of a revival and as the New York Times has reported the sales are surging rising to the top of the Amazon best sellers list. They are also quick to equate the increased sales to the Left’s newfound fear of totalitarian governments with the election of President Trump. Of course they fail to mention that it is the Left who has recently been acting the Fascists, what with all the rioting and suppression of conservative free speech and all. It is almost as if they are not purchasing the book in an attempt to guard against the rise of this dystopian behavior, but more of a practical guidebook in its implementation. If the radical behavior of the Left continues they will be right about one thing, 1984 is coming. However, it will not be the stark dystopian future of social repression that they claim to dread, but it will be a Reagan-like landslide of a Presidential Election that will occur.


Americans tend to be more centrists and moderates and those at the political fringes of the extremes tend to get marginalized fairly quickly. Recently you have heard many say that the reason that the Democrats lost the election is because Hillary Clinton was not progressive enough. They should have moved more to the Left and fully embraced the tenants of socialism. They should have upped the rhetoric on classism. They should have endorsed the BLM movement wholesale without question and unequivocally. What they are saying in essence is that the Democrats were not radical enough for Middle America. So far this seems to be the new Democrat strategy as they begin supporting a full slate of more radical candidates and gear up for the 2020 election. Once again they are completely missing the fact that the middle of America cares more about jobs than Transgender bathroom equality. We only need to look at the lessons of McGovern from 1972 to see what happens when you allow your party to stray too far from the center.


The Leftist have reached a fever pitch in our country. The lose their minds when someone supports President Trump threatening to boycott Toby Keith for playing the inauguration and going after Joy Villa for daring to wear a Pro Trump dress to the Grammys.

Sarah Silverman is seeing swastikas everywhere. Of course you know how those Nazis as the utility companies roll.

I could go on and on here, but the lessons here should be pretty obvious to anyone paying attention. Americans may go to movies to see rebels buck the system, but when it comes to policies and politics they tend to run towards slow and steady progress and centrist ideas. There is a very small and very vocal minority of folks that are based in DC, California, New York and Massachusetts who will see American become more progressive and have grabbed the wheels from Democrats while looking for the nearest cliff. These folks live in their echo chamber with the mainstream media and Hollywood elites and give each other assurances and trophies to prove how enlightened they have become while looking down on the rest of the country.  Yes Leftists 1984 is coming, but I do not think you are going to appreciate it when it gets here.

Posted by redstateronin

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