Week three of the Trump presidency draws to a close and here are five things that came from the left that I did not expect and one thing with a gorilla that is just leaving me scratching my head.

Lady Gaga Dammed if You Do, Dammed if You Don’t – I try to be fair and when someone does the right thing make sure they get their due regardless of their political affiliation. I fully expected that Lady Gaga was going to use her worldwide platform to make a political statement which would have unleashed an unholy sh@tstorm from conservatives. Instead she chose to respect the millions of Americans watching who just wanted to enjoy the game and forego the political lecture. This predictably unleashed an unholy sh@tstorm from the liberals. Apparently the tolerant left were disappointed that Lady Gaga did not use the halftime show to sow further political divisiveness and thus took to social media to show their support tolerance acceptance displeasure for her.


Dave Rubin calls the Progressives Regressive – In what is apparently becoming clearer by the day, Dave Rubin is the last sane progressive. I would not say this is a complete shocker as the Left has been on complete meltdown for longer than President Trump’s proposed immigration pause. At some point reasonable Liberals like Rubin are going to have to wrest control of their party from the far left extremist who have jumped in the driver’s seat and seem hell bent on locating the nearest cliff. Let’s wish Rubin good luck in this fight because I for one miss reasonable debate.


Opps They Did it Again… Lied About Climate Science. – Daily Mail writes that the data supporting America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s paper that was deemed the “pause buster” was based upon misleading and unverified data. Of course this was rushed through NOAA in order to present data that countered previous findings by UN Scientists that showed a significant slowing of global warming since 1998 to world leaders attending the Paris UN climate conference. The “pause”, as it has been deemed, represents a serious problem for scientists attempting to heavily link global warming as caused mainly by man made CO2. If the science is irrefutable and “settled” as many alarmist claim, then there should be no need for them to manipulate the findings or falsify the data right?  Hopefully this story will gain a bit more traction in mainstream media because we know the original “Climategate” never did. I am not including this because I am surprised that they are falsifying data to support their religion, I am just shocked that they keep thinking that they are not going to get caught.

Pelosi Giveth and Taketh Away – Nancy Pelosi in one of her rare lucid moments said that there was no cause for the Impeachment of Donald Trump despite calls from Maxine Waters to begin the proceedings of Impeachment. She did qualify the remarks with yet several times. This moment of new found respect for our old friend was short lived as she immediately (She could not go 6 minutes) slipped back into her Demonic form soon after claiming she was planning on fighting President Bush Trump. I guess the find and replace on those old statements must have missed a few. One begins to wonder if her reasonable statement was nothing more than Nancy having one of her “senior moments”.


Berkeley Rag Excuses the Rioter’s Behavior as Self-Defense – Yes you read this correctly. The breaking of windows, setting fire to private property, pepper spraying of women, hitting people with flag poles, mobs of people chasing one person down the street to beat them and generally removing people’s right to free speech and expression was all a simply misunderstanding for the rest of us because it was self-defense. I wrote about this in detail in my blog If it Looks Like a Fascist and Quacks Like a Fascist, Then it is Probably a Fascist, but of course you can only buy this argument if you also believe that words in of themselves can be considered an act of violence which allows others to preemptively attack you before you say them and thus become a case for self-defense. Be careful about calling B.S. on this argument because there may be a skinny jeans wearing, basement dwelling ANTIFA guy there ready to hit you with a flag pole in self-defense violate your constitutional rights.

Harambe Shaped Cheetos Insanity – Someone is paying almost 100K to purchase this. Let this sink in. If this Harambe one went for this much could you imagine the bidding war over one shaped like President Trump? Ashley Judd claims he baths in Cheeto dust, but scoring one would probably mean I could quit my day job and annoy the Left full time. I guess we all have to have a calling in life and I have found mine. Yes I know the bids were probably inflated as a goof by people, but the fact that I saw several places reporting it as a serious news story makes me sad.

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