We are quite use to politicians making campaign promises and then getting into office and announcing that they are moving forward with the analysis on how to make them happen only to see them disappear about mid-way through their term and miraculously reappear in time for the next election cycle. Maybe this is why the Left has gone all CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs this weekend. President Trump said all throughout his campaign that he was going to slow immigration until they had a process in place, said it again while he was President Elect and reaffirmed this in his inauguration. Now enter the pearl clutching SJWs and their situational mock outage because President Trump did exactly what he promised he would do.

Now I agree this is the right move for American, but also concur with Ben Shapiro’s analysis that is was unartfully handled, but since I would not do him justice by trying to explain his logic and reasoning you can read his full article here. Despite the clumsy handling of this order we have gotten a glimpse into the Leftist Mindset and a good dose of how the next 4 – 8 years will go in America. We of course have seen the outraged left and in case you missed it here are the prime examples.

Chuck Schumer – Tears of a Clown

Is anyone buying the Chuck Schumer press conference? He rounded up the press, stacked his backdrop with his targeted constituency of the hour and then cried in one of the worse performances of the year and certainly worthy of the Razzies. President Trump went on to mock him for this stunt and because this is the height of virtue signaling and everything Middle America cannot stand about the phony SJWs and Politicians.

Leftist Protesters Mob Turns Violent… Again…

The media desperately wants to portray the protests at various airports as spontaneous organic uprising instead of calculated and planned. Why you might ask? Because they know that the monster SJWs that they have taught to reflectively hate opposing viewpoints are primed and ready to boil over and no organization wants to be caught holding the bag when it does. For the past year any conservative has been broadly painted with the same brush. We have been labeled racist, sexist, homophobes, Islamaphobes and bigots. We have been compared to Hitler and essentially dehumanized. The mainstream media has not only sanctioned these false arguments they have openly repeated them on their airwaves. Now because we have been thoroughly dehumanized it is perfectly fine to attack us openly using physical violence. I could go through all the protests of the election and many incidents since and what do we see; open attacks against Trump Supporters despite the narrative that there has been this uptick in hate crime since the election. While many of these supposed hate crimes have been debunked we have mounting evidence against the so-called tolerant left. Soon this is going to end badly with either one of these worked up mobs injuring someone or a Trump supporter rightfully defending themselves.

Dishonestly in Media – Same Song and Dance

I had a small hope right after the election that the mainstream media would reform and change their ways. Of course that hope did not last long as they continue to slant stories to fit narratives that they personally believe in instead of reporting the truth. Early on when this story broke many media outlets ran with the story that President Trump instituted a “Muslim Ban”. Of course they would not acknowledge or bury the fact that the travel restrictions was only related to 7 countries and only temporary. In many instances they would rail about the constitutionally of the ban, but conveniently forget that their Hero Barrack Obama instituted a similar policy. No mainstream media had their hand in spinning this story to get their desired reaction which was more dissent and anger among the far left. If you have not read the full text of the executive order then stop being spoon fed by the media and read it for yourself here.

Biggest Shocker of Them All – Entitled Celebrities Lecture Us Again

The celebrities of course used the Screen Actors Award show to virtue signal each other and prove once again that our pleas for them to just shut up and act have not pieced those holy-than-thou bubbles of entitlement in which they live. I have never been one for boycotting, but I would gladly join one at the moment for any awards show at this moment. I am tired of the lectures from people that have set themselves up as my betters. Yes, David Harbour you play a tough guy on TV, but when is the last time you have actually been punched in the face? Seriously you are almost as scary as the Anarchists that they caught planning on throat punching people. I am quite sure you would be willing to punch someone with a crowd at your back and your opponent turned away from you similar to the video above.

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