When I started out this blog a month ago I was worried that I might struggle to find to find enough topics to cover my goal of writing a blog six times a week for a year. Of course I failed to take into consideration that thanks to the insanity of the political Left, I would have many more days where I would experience the exact opposite problem and have more topics than I could reasonably write about in my part time endeavor. Luckily today is one of those days where I have the opportunity to cover multiple stories that all intersect along a common theme which debunks the myth of the tolerance of the Left.

The Left loves to virtue-signal each other over who is the most victimized. Part of this process is claiming loudly about your level of tolerance and acceptance of all people. The “tolerant left” loves to claim that they are inclusive of all races, gender, sexuality, ability or socioeconomic status. While the Left espouses these values of inclusivity they rabidly attack intellectual diversity. The modern day Left has no patience or fortitude to politely discuss politics or promote the free exchange of ideas. Instead anyone who does not prescribe to their incredibly narrow world view is immediately cast as the enemy who must be vilified. In order to be included in the “club” you must agree to check the box on every radical item to which they proscribe without dissent, without argument or apparently allowing things like individualism to get in the way.

Not All Woman Can Be Feminists!

The Woman’s March on Washington scheduled for January 22nd claims in their Mission and Vision statement that “recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.” Of course you are only part of those “diverse communities” if you fall into the narrow view of being Pro Choice. The New Wave Feminists who oppose the President Elect also oppose abortion. Of course the tolerant Left has opted to exclude their group from the march because unless you buy into their political views wholesale you cannot possibly understand the plight of the modern feminist. Of the numerous challenges and issues that face the modern woman is the only issue that matters abortion? At the risk of mansplaining when a bunch of Pro-Choice Leftist are choose to exclude another group because they choose life that is called Irony.

Don’t You Dare Reach Across the Aisle!

Part of the reason our society has worked as well as it has for as long as it has is because of the diversity of ideas. Recently we have seen the President Elect doing exactly this by rightly reaching out to anyone who is willing to work with him to solve real problems. One of these problems is how to go about cleaning up our inner cities which after decades of Democrat leadership are in shambles. Recently Steve Harvey did exactly this by accepting an invitation to speak with Trump about this issue as part of his Diversity Coalition. Of course the Left in typical fashion had a meltdown with one pundit going as far as to call some of those that have decided accept these invitations “…a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitive campaign against black people.” Marc Lamont Hill essentially degrades his fellow black man because not that they disagree with him, but because of the crime of being willing to do something for a serious issue. I am sure that if Hill had his way we would just continue those policies of the last 8 years since they have been so successful.

Milo is no longer Gay!

Apparently if you are gay and Pro Free Speech you can be stripped of “…your gay identity”. At least according to an activist at UC Berkley. It is apparently impossible to hold both views that are supportive of gay rights and free speech and according to this reaction that would certainly seem to be the case to the Left. Of course Milo’s major crime against the Left is he sees political correctness as the mind killing dribble that will destroy intellectual diversity and he is correct. This argument flies in the face of decades of hard fought equality that the entire LGBTQ community has fought for in making their case that being gay was not a choice. I find it hard to believe that if Milo cannot change this about himself, then neither can some two bit activist.

True tolerance lies in the free exchange of ideas. Great ideas know no color, no gender, no sexuality, no socioeconomic status but are exactly what they are, great ideas. In each of the above examples, the Left is attempting to strip rights from various groups because they do not buy into the pure ideology that they represent. Policing thoughts simply because you disagree with them is not tolerance or intellectual diversity, but bullying and fascism in action.

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