Since the election it has been a continuous stream of Democratic excuses about why HRC lost the election. Racist, Sexism, Comey, Fake News, the Electoral System and Russian Interference have all been trotted out to explain why on the cusp of history Hillary lost. A few Democrats, not many mind you, have told the truth about why she lost. In a contest between a Republican candidate with major question marks and a horrible Democratic candidate; the simple fact is she got out hustled. In the final weeks before the election when HRC was content to keep a light campaign schedule and allow celebrities and surrogates to plead her case on her behalf, President Elect Trump was zipping around the country doing 4-6 stops a day. Despite the pundits laughing at Trump he went to states that Republicans have not carried in decades and won while HRC choose to not show up at all. The difference between them was one who was willing to roll up his sleeves and work his ass off for our vote and the other acted much like Generation Snowflake and felt entitled to the Presidency because it was her time. If you do not think effort matters to the American people than you are sadly mistaken.

The past 68 days have been a full court press by Democrats and some mainstream media outlets to delegitimize the Trump Presidency even before it begins. They have rioted, protested, signed petitions, had recounts, tried to bully the electors, made ridiculous celebrity videos, floated bizarre unfounded conspiracy theories masquerading as news and tried to claim the election was hacked by the Russians. Of course after being slammed repeatedly for using the “Election was Hacked” story because there has been ZERO evidence that any voting machine tampering occurred, they have since settled on the story that President Elect Trump is not a legitimate President because of Russian Interference.

Let us pull the string on this narrative and see where it takes us.

  • First let us establish the fact that at this point in time there has been zero evidence that the Russians directly interfered with the election through attempting to manipulate voting machines.
  • The government released a report that stated emphatically that it was the Russians that hacked both the DNC’s and John Podesta’s emails. (As someone who has worked with the government for a number of years in the past I can tell you that I have never seen a government report that was that confident of any assertion. Usually a government report has plenty of “cover your ass” clauses in it and contains more safe harbor statements than actual report.) Let us assume for sake of argument that it was the Russians that did the hacking and we discount all other plausible scenarios like other states hacking or internal leaks. What we have is a hack of a private organization and a private citizen, not a hack of any official government entity.
  • There has been zero proof presented that the Russians were the ones that provided WikiLeaks with the hacked emails. For sake of argument I am going to also theorize that it was the Russians despite the founder of WikiLeaks saying it was not them.
  • Not one email that was released from WikiLeaks has been proven to be a fake or even disputed. The authenticity of those emails as the genuine article is pretty clear cut.
  • The last part and key to this argument is that what was contained in those emails, shifted enough of the voters’ minds to support President Elect Trump and hand him the election.

To summarize your argument on Russian Interference; The Russians did not hack voting machines, but the email accounts of private citizens and one organization, handed that unaltered information off to WikiLeaks and the American people then were able to read the very damaging and very true information about how Hillary’s Campaign, DNC and the Media all conspired to get Hillary elected and this makes Trump’s not the legitimate President. Your argument is that Americans knowing the TRUTH about HRC makes Trump an illegitimate President. This has got to be the first time in our history that politicians are actually publicly arguing that we NEED LESS TRUTH.

This is what irritates me about the 31 Congressional Representatives that are boycotting the inauguration on these grounds. These 31 individuals are saying that Americans finding out the TRUTH was bad because the end result was not one they liked. You can fault the Russians for this information coming to light, but ultimately you have to realize that the Russians did not write those emails or take those actions that were so damaging. No that fault lies with the DNC, the Media and the Staffers of HRC’s campaign. Regardless of how the TRUTH came to light, the American voter used that information to decide, and it is time that Democrats grow up and accept that fact.

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