Less than a week to go to the inauguration and the left seems hell bent to continue the world’s longest public tantrum. Meanwhile the rest of America moves on. It is rapidly apparent that the apocalypse that the left had predicted prior to the election if Trump should prevail has not come to pass. In fact the exact opposite seems to be in progress; unless you count the market hitting all-time highs, consumer confidence the highest since 1980, and multiple companies racing to bring thousands of jobs home to America a bad thing? Of course the left might see this, but first they need to uncurl from the fetal position, open their eyes, take their fingers out of their ears and stop screaming “Trump is a racists” for longer than five minutes. Since you and I both do not believe that is going to happen anytime soon, we will just have to settle for some more winning while we wait.

  1. Rosie O’Donnell calls for martial law. I struggle to understand why Rosie is still relevant. In what can only be described as a forehead slapping level of missing the irony, Rosie called for the Gestapo like move of declaring martial law and delaying the inauguration until Trump is cleared of all charges. Of course he is not actually charged with an actual crime or has anyone presented any legitimate evidence, but that whole due process under the law just gets in the way of true justice. Sad delusional SJW brand justice.


  1. Disrupt J20 Calls for violent protests of Inauguration. If you have not had a chance to read what I can only describe as a pathetic rambling diatribe of a manifesto, the group Disrupt J20 promises No Peaceful Transition”. In a thinly veiled call to violent protests this collection of SWJ groups plans to descend in mass on the Capital to block traffic, shutdown businesses and cause mayhem. Comprised mainly by Anarchists Groups I assume the authorities will be shaking in fear as legions of skinny jean wearing, bad facial hair having basement dwelling hipsters rampage in the streets. Of course if the shit really hit the fan and true anarchy descended on the streets many of these pseudo anarchists would be chewed up and spit out.
  2. Meryl Streep Lectures America. Meryl Streep in her speech at the Golden Globes found it appropriate to lecture America and even referred to her own pampered ass as part of the most vilified segment in our society. While that is not currently true, this may prove to be a prediction of the future if Hollywood does not pull their collective heads out of their posteriors and realize that their political opinions do not matter.
  3. John Lewis claims President Elect Trump is not legitimate. On NBC News “Meet the Press”, Rep. John Lewis from Georgia stated, “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president.” It was only a few months ago that the left was in a complete uproar when Trump said that he would wait until after the election to say if he would accept the results. They called it undemocratic and spitting on our grand traditions. Two months later those same hypocrites are calling John Lewis a hero.
  1. Obama stops Wet Foot, Dry Foot policy. Michelle Obama and I disagree greatly on the definition of an adult. When an adult loses he does not take his political ball and run home to mommy. In Obama’s continuing efforts to light the world on fire before he leaves office he decided to end decades of standard US practices by rescinding the Wet Foot, Dry Foot This policy put in place protections for those Cubans fleeing Cuba who if returned would be jailed or killed. At this point attempting to leave Cuba still can result in these punishments, but Obama would rather legitimize an evil dictator than protect the people of Cuba.
  2. BuzzFeed Releases 35 pages of unverified materials. Had BuzzFeed been able to verify a single fact I would almost have agreed that they had an obligation to release the information. Nope, they could not verify a single item in all 35 pages, admitted that in most likelihood that it was untrue and still proceeded to report it. Of course they tried to give the story legitimacy, but this was an obvious attempt to tear down Trump. All credibility lost, BuzzFeed needs to stick with articles about Disney Princesses and Cheese or better yet, just shutter their doors.
  3. CNN Reporter Melts Down. I am sorry, but watching this video makes me laugh. No I am not against the press, even when I disagree with their view points. I watched Obama slam Fox News on a regular basis for eight years, but the left never batted an eye or cared about freedom of the press then. Now I am supposed to be up in arms that a very disrespectful reporter representing a news organization that just spent the entire previous day propping up unverified slanderous reports gets taken to the woodshed by the very same person they were just disparaging? You do not get to be disrespectful, underhanded and irresponsible in your reporting and get a pass because you dress it up in the freedom of speech.

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