The Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia, the land of milquetoast men and wannabe honey badgers, is working on strategies to block the President Elect’s plans to “Build the Wall”. DPRK’s Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome laid out part of the strategy of their resistance on the Golden State podcast. This includes the state suing “…under the California Environmental Quality Act or its federal equivalent… utilizing a common tactic to delay or kill all sorts of development projects around the state.” Of course no one stands in the way of progress like a progressive, and as a resident of the DPRK for over 20 years I have seen firsthand the Gestapo-like application of environmental laws to block development. Only this time it is not a lone developer who is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to construction delays while environmentalists debate the potential impact to desert woodpecker habitats. What the citizens of our country need to ask, is who benefits from the wall not being built?

Of course not building the wall benefits drug dealers and smugglers who continue to bring their products into our country unabated leading to heroin overdose deaths surpassing gun homicides for the first time ever.

Of course not building the wall benefits sex traffickers and human smugglers who drawn by the large amounts of money that can be made abusing woman and children continue victimize the most vulnerable among us.

Of course not building the wall benefits the terrorists who have categorically stated that they plan to infiltrate refugee populations to put host countries at risk.

Of course not building the wall benefits unscrupulous business owners who take advantage of the illegal workforce to hire sub minimum wage labor and undercut the traditional supply and demand that ensures all workers receive fair payment for their time and work.

Of course not building the wall benefits the criminals and gang members that despite being deported multiple times, return unchecked again and again to commit more crimes and violence on our streets.

Of course not building the wall benefits the Democratic political class, who with crocodile tears, champion the rights of this supposed downtrodden constituency, hoping to turn illegal status into future votes and more political power.

Of course not building the wall benefits Mexico, which despite receiving millions of dollars in foreign aid from the US, continues to actively and openly encourages their unemployable surplus labor to illegally migrate north.

Of course not building the wall benefits the illegal migrant who get to flout the laws of our country, cut the line in front of those attempting to legally migrate to our country and despite what many claim never happens, receive welfare and healthcare benefits at the expense of the US Taxpayer.

So Mr. Newsome, I now ask which of those above groups benefiting from not building the wall are your constituents with which you should be concerned. The answer is NONE. It is frightening that you would actively fight a proposal that would provide security and lessen the burdens on not just the citizens of your state, but the citizens of the entire country. The simple fact is walls work, otherwise many of the lawmakers and California elites opposed to a border wall would not have them. We use walls around our homes to control who we permit access and to help protect our loved ones. The citizens of the United States demand the same principles that you apply to your home, be applied to our country.

Mr. Newsome and California law makers do you stand with SJWs and Snowflakes that propagate the myth that following the law and building a wall is racist? Do you stand with criminals, exploiters and victimizers? Or do you stand with the millions of Californians and Americans and support our sovereign rights to protect our citizens and legally grant access to our country?

Posted by redstateronin

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