Since Obama’s reelection the media talk has been all about his legacy. With the reins of power set to transition in 14 days this caterwauling has only intensified from the left. I will not belabor the point that because he chose the “Phone and Pen” governing model, most of what he “accomplished” will be undone by Trumps’s Phone and Trump’s Pen. The Republicans majorities in the House and Senate pretty much assure that his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, is looking more and more as if it will have the same relevance as planking videos. The stage is set for all his work to be wiped out, leaving a meager Obama legacy consisting of hundreds of thousands dead or displaced in the Middle East, a country more racially divided and a nuclear armed Iran.

Now enter the mainstream media propagandists, as Trump and Republicans set to pull Obama’s legacy root and stem from existence the media seeks to redefine the Obama legacy as a Scandal Free Presidency and new age of transparency in politics. Wait… SCANDAL FREE WTF? We are at the end of the Obama presidency and the media still refuses to be objective. Even today, criticism of Obama policy is more likely to get you branded a racist instead of fostering healthy debate. This election cycle the partisan mainstream media’s mask of neutrality did not just slip, it fell all the fucking way off, as CNN and MSNBC essentially became the Politburo for the Clinton campaign. I had a small hope that after dragging their credibility through the mud and plummeting subscription numbers these news organizations would finally come around… Nope they just doubled down and in true Orwellian fashion are looking to rewrite history. The Obama administration was many things, but Scandal Free it was not.

IRS Targeting of Conservative / Libertarian Political Groups

In 2009 the Tea Party movement began. Calling for smaller government and deficit reduction the movement became popular with Conservatives and Libertarians. In 2013 it was discovered that in the run up to the 2012 election that the IRS had engaged in unlawfully targeting these political groups by purposefully delaying applications for nonprofit status, intrusive and unnecessary additional screening questions and alleged purposefully leaking information about their financial and membership information. The Inspector General’s report initially indicated that just over 250 groups were included for this special IRS treatment, but later in 2016 admitted that the number was over 400 groups impacted by these practices. Of course the media, complicit as ever, never reported or wondered about the potential impact that this behavior by the Obama led IRS may have had on the election of 2012. I guess vote tampering only becomes an issue when Democrats believe they are the target. To make matters worse, no one from the IRS was ever fired for these violations of people’s constitutional rights and Lois Lerner was even briefly promoted before ultimately resigning. A government agency violating the rights of citizens is the very definition of a scandal.

Operation Fast and Furious – Not the Movie

This was a Bush policy that was expanded by Obama that ran from 2006 to 2011. At the heart of this was an ATF program that allowed “Gunwalking” which is allowing the illegal sale of guns to go unhindered in order to trace these guns back to the Mexican cartels. The issue is that once these guns were allowed to cross the border into Mexico the ATF had limited ability to continue tracking these weapons, with Mexico being a sovereign nation and the ATF not having authority there. They essentially allowed criminals to illegally purchase weapons, which the sellers were pressured to sell, then lost them in Mexico. When it was discovered that many of these weapons were used in violent crimes on both sides of the border, and in one instance in the murder of a Board Patrol Agent, everyone was upset, but the left and media remained silent. Ultimately the program was shut down and of course no one except the murder victims paid the price while the media threw shade allowing the President to hide behind executive privilege and Eric Holder to be held in Contempt by Congress.


On September 11, 2012 the American embassy in Libya was attacked and four Americans were killed. Despite repeated requests for additional security and the embassies of other countries being pulled from the country for safety concerns nothing was changed in the American embassy. The embassy was attacked and despite repeated requests for help it took several hours before the government even began the process of mobilizing assets to assist those Americans in need. In order to save face the administration knowingly mislead the public floating the narrative that the attack was a result of spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim YouTube video. This LIE was told to the families of those Americans that had been killed repeatedly even though Hillary Clinton admitted to her daughter in email that it was a terrorist attack. While many protests turn violent, that protest violence is not normally accompanied by rocket launchers and automatic weapons.

VA Waiting List (AKA The Death List)

In 2014 it was discovered that some administrators of VA Hospitals were doctoring data in order to make it appear that they were meeting standards so they could receive their bonuses. In essence the VA had a 14 day policy in which all veterans entitled to care from the VA system were supposed to receive care. Understaffed and unable to meet these targets many administrators took it upon themselves to cook the books and keep two sets of lists. One that they would turn in as the official list where they mostly met the objectives and were given bonuses, and the real list where veterans would wait in some cases months to receive care. In an Arizona VA Hospital it was estimated that upwards of 40 veterans lost their lives while waiting for care. Unlike other scandals in this list, people did lose their jobs as they were blatantly falsifying government documents. While the media did cover this story to an extent, I believe many of the higher ups in the Obama administration were not placed under the correct amount of scrutiny. After all it was just Veterans right?

Solyndra – The epitome of government waste and crony capitalism

In a nutshell Solyndra received a 535 Million dollar loan guarantee from the government as part of Obama’s 800 billion dollar stimulus package. A mere two years later the company went belly up and the American taxpayers were out 528 Million of that loan with none of the long term jobs, technological advancement or clean energy that had been promised. Apparently the key materials used to make the older solar technology significantly dropped in price removing all competitive advantage that Solyndra had promised with their technology. Mixed reviews and a poor business plan made this a losing proposition from the start. It was a bet on untested technology, but should the government really be gambling with tax payer money. Obama tried to pick a winner and ended up with the joke of the solar industry.

There are a couple in this list that would have had the Media and Democrats foaming at the mouth and doing the impeachment dance in glee had Bush been in office. The above list is only the tip of the iceberg that we could discuss in terms of Obama scandals. During his 8 years he also seized records of journalists, provided ransom payments to Iran for hostages, traded one American traitor for 5 terrorists, oversaw the massive unconstitutional monitoring of Americans via the NSA, had the Secret Service run wild, knew full well that Hillary was conducting government business on her private email server and of course lied, lied, lied about Obama care. By whose standards was this administration scandal free? When he is no longer around to continue blocking freedom of information requests we will finally see the scope and the scale of what was Obama 8 yearlong scandal and that will ultimately be his legacy.


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