Anger and Rage. Anger and rage is what you are feeling if you watched what the four thugs did to the disabled man in Chicago. At least that is what you should be feeling if you are a normal person. Regardless of your skin color, your religion or your political affiliation your rage and anger should be burning bright, but you cannot let them consume you. If after watching that video you feel either vindication or satisfaction then please stop reading now because you as a civilized person have no hope and this will fall on deaf ears. For the rest of us it is time to have a very real conversation.

  1. Black Lives Matter does not appear to have had anything to do with this attack. I watched the entire disgusting video and I did not see or hear one BLM reference. I looked at the Facebook page of woman who recorded and streamed the video and did not find any BLM references there either. At this point we cannot connect the vicious attack with the BLM movement and should refrain from attempting to paint the entire movement with the same brush. However, we also have to conclude that some of the environment that led to this attack was due in part to the BLM movement. There have been plenty of instances where we saw anti-white and anti-cop actions and statements that have come unchecked and uncorrected from people who claim to speak for BLM. No BLM is not directly responsible, but they do not get off scot-free either.
  2. Evil does not have a preferred shade of color. Dylan Roof and John R. K. Howard are white. Brittany Covington and her accomplishes were black. As far as I am concerned there is not a hole deep enough on the planet in which they all need to be collectively tossed and buried. We cannot continue to pick and choose which heinous acts we highlight that fit our narrative, we must preserve justice for all based upon real facts. Yes Don Lemon this was an act of evil.
  3. This was a HATE Crime. The Chicago PD tried to down play this as younger adults making a mistake. No a mistake is stealing a candy bar. When you kidnap, torture and humiliate someone based upon the color of their skin that is a Hate crime. We need to start stop spreading the narrative that white people cannot be the targets of racism. Yes there is more racist targeting people of color, but that does not prove that the opposite does not exist nor should it be promoted as a solution. We cannot fight racism with more racism. It completely undermines the entire the purpose. Every time MTV creates a socially acceptable blatantly racist video targeting white people it only makes those ignorant white nationalist justified in their paranoid delusions.
  4. In equality we all have to play by the same rules. Imagine for instance that someone replaced “white guys” in that MTV video with any other gender race combination. The unholy crap storm that would descend upon them from generation snowflake would be unimaginable. While creating a map of black owned businesses is a great way to support and promote the entrepreneurial spirt throughout the black community, blocking access to a businesses simply because they are owned by white people is racist. We cannot level the field and then hand out two sets of rule books.
  5. The media deserves a share of the blame for the current state of race relations in our country. I know that not all BLM members are thugs, the same way that I know that not all BLM members are good people. BLM is made up of humans and any movement they create will be a reflection of that diversity of good and bad people the same as any organization in our society. While the right seeks to tie this tragedy to BLM the left is trying to downplay the significance or blame Trump. The media on both sides has not accurately reported the truth which we know lies somewhere in the middle. The media has spent the last year propping up the narrative that Trump and all his supporters are racist. They repeat it loud and often, but the second you ask for specific examples they will give you things taken out of context or blown way out of proportion. The media hyperbole to demonize people has got to stop.
  6. Stop attributing every slight to an ISM. Not every problem in your life can be attributed to racism, sexism, homophobia or any of the numerous other isms. I will be frank with you, I am an asshole. If I am not at work where I need to be nice or at home with my wife that I love, there is a chance that an interaction with me will leave you saying “what an asshole.” My point being that sometimes people are just assholes and it has nothing to do with your preferred ism.
  7. What about the people that watched the actual live stream of the video? They need to go after those people as well. Those people could clearly see what was going on and chose not to act. The man in Chicago was held between 24-48 hours before they set him free. How many of those hours where he was tortured were unnecessary because people failed to act? How could any reasonable person have watched it while it streamed and not called the police immediately? It is this last point that concerns me the most and no one is talking about it. She talked directly to several people she noticed watching the live stream and not one person acted in the defense of another human being tortured.

Yes despite all the venting to my blog I am still full of anger and rage. My anger and rage is not directed at BLM or black people. It is directed at the four thugs in Chicago. No this was not much ado about nothing, but something that is very real.

Posted by redstateronin

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