I support your right Buzzfeed to refuse to run Trump campaign ads. I support your right Turner LP Gas to not deliver your product to Trump Supporters. I support your right 1st in SOE to decline to work with Trump supporters. Yes even you misguided celebrities, I support your right to turn down offers of performing at the Trump inauguration. As private organizations and citizens I support your right to express your moral outrage against the election on Donald Trump. I disagree with your stance, but I support your right to do with your business and your time as you want. I support your right to run your business as guided by your political convictions.

Unfortunately, you on the left could not extend the same courtesy to Masterpiece Cake. You could not agree that the same right existed for Arlene’s Flowers. No you could not support the rights of individuals to run their businesses as guided by their religious convictions. No now at the height of your hypocrisy you come and demand a right, which you have so often sought to deny others, to allow your personal convictions to guide your public actions. You sought to have these rights curtailed by local ordinances, state laws and through the courts and now whine when you are called for this double standard.

Democrats seem to be shocked that they cannot have it both ways. These were the laws and court decisions that you demanded because individual rights did not matter when you disagreed. You cheered for Obama’s “Phone and a Pen” governing, but now want to discuss constitutional limitations of executive power. You cheered when the Senate controlled by Democrats removed the power of the minority party to object to Presidential appointments, but now that your party is in the minority want a return those rules.

Personally I think it is a poor business decision to exclude any group of people as potential customers because of your political or religious beliefs. Still it is not my business making that decision and not my right to make it. Democrats are learning that using the government to enforce your will and beliefs on others is always bad as it becomes a double edge sword. While I feel like sitting back and simply saying you Reap What You Sow I cannot. My belief that an induvial rights are paramount obligate me to support you in your efforts to refuse service to me because I supported Trump. My belief in the separation of powers compels me to speak out if I see Trump attempt to circumvent Congress with executive action. I am not acting in your interests out of the kindness of my heart, but supporting the long term preservation of mine.

Posted by redstateronin

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