It is no secret that I believe that Nancy Pelosi is representative of most of the things that I find wrong with Democrats, even going as far to list her reelection to a congressional leadership position as one of the greatest political fails of 2016. During a recent conference call with key Democrats Nancy Pelosi once again proves how out of touch with reality she really is and jumps out to an early lead for the 2017 list. During this conference call, Nancy Pelosi said of Republican efforts to repeal and replace the ACA, “It is the old idea of going into a china ship, you break it, you own it.”

How can Republicans break something that has always been broken? In Pelosi’s distorted view, the ACA is working exactly as intended, as it was designed to fail and move America closer to a health care system in which the government was the only provider. Why else would she have famously said that “…we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it…” Every promise of the ACA to the American people has been broken. People who liked their plans, lost their plans. People who liked their doctors, lost their doctors. The average family never saw a savings, but now struggle with year over year increases of upwards of 100% in some cases. Adding government to the healthcare mix did not increase competition and actually had the reverse impact with many consumers only having access to a single plan.

No the ACA has been in a slow collapse from the onset despite the Supreme Court saving it twice and numerous Democratic schemes to reform the reform. The website was a failure, quality and choice are down and cost and premiums continue to climb. By almost every measure the ACA has been a failure and it is nothing more than an entitlement program masquerading as reform. Democrats have never once owned up to the mess that they have created tinkering with healthcare with their grand social experiment and continue to say that the ACA is only a couple of tweaks away from perfection. No this mess belongs to Democrats as NOT ONE Republican voted for the ACA.

No Republicans do not need to worry about breaking something that is already broken. They need to rip it stem and root from the government. There are a couple of provisions that might be kept (keeping kids on their parents plan until 26 and elimination of restrictions against preexisting conditions), but this in no way should be confused with repairing the broken system that is Obamacare. It needs to be burned to the ground and a system put in place that uses the fundamentals of a free market economy. No Democrats we do not need to clean up your mess, but I will gladly lend you a broom to clean up the broken pieces of yours so we can clear the way for Capitalism to take over where the government failed.

Posted by redstateronin

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