Month: January 2017

You Don’t Bring Unconditional Love to a Gun Fight

This weekend thousands turned out to protest in airports against President Trump’s executive order pausing immigration and refugees from seven Muslim countries. (Not a BAN, a pause.) They stood up in the name of tolerance for people coming from countries that have proven to be among the most intolerant currently in the world.

Crocodile Tears of a Clown

President Trump said all throughout his campaign that he was going to slow immigration until they had a process in place, said it again while he was President Elect and reaffirmed this in his inauguration. Now enter the pearl clutching SJWs and their situational mock outage because President Trump did exactly what he promised he would do.

Week In Review …8 Ways President Trump Keeps Winning

I am also not a fan of executive orders so at some point he is going to have to start working through Congress and at that point we will see the real extent of the Left’s and NeverTrumper’s strength to slow President Trump down, but until then he will continue to rack up the wins.

Putting Down a Monster Is Not the Same as Aborting a Child

Anyone who tries to equate an unborn child to Ted Bundy or Richard Ramirez is essentially saying that those monsters have more right to life than an unborn child.

Lessons from Harrison Bergeron that Everyone Should Learn

The human genome is too vastly complex and diverse to allow us as humans to ever achieve true equality, and a disaster for the human race it would be if we did unlock this secret.

Cubicle Dwelling Bureaucrats Gone Wild

While there has been a recent push to hold our politicians accountable to the people we have let the government workers fly beneath the radar. In some cases these unelected cubicle dwelling bureaucrats can be every bit as damaging as rogue politicians when they circumvent the will of the people in order to promote their own political agenda.

Scorched Earth – How Identity Politics is Destroying the Democrats

Structured by race, organized by gender, arranged by sexuality, systematized by class and organized by thought and only then can Democratic control begin?