To say that 2016 was a politically charged year is an understatement. Here are my top 10 political fails of the year and the moments that moved the political needle.

Number 10 – Little Robot Marco

Despite having been branded by Donald Trump as “Little Marco”, Marco Rubio seemed to have momentum on his side heading into the New Hampshire primary debates. In was in these debates that Marco had his epic meltdown while responding to an attack from Chris Christie in which he painted Rubio as an empty suit that could only spout talking points. It was then that Rubio malfunctioned repeating the same talking point four times in a row leaving many pundits to wonder if he was still under warranty.

Number 9 – Return of the Witch

Under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership the Democratic Party has seen a loss of over a 1,000 seats across Local, State and Federal level elected positions. While some might argue that Pelosi bears only small or none of the blame for local elections I would argue that as one of the top leaders of the party it is her duty to help set the direction and agenda of the party. The Democrats have been come the party of coastal elites. Over a third of the current congressional seats for Democrats come from three states; California, New York and Massachusetts. The Democratic Party needed a change in direction to recover from this disaster of election and instead doubled down on a losing strategy.

Number 8 – Pizzagate

Some internet trolls essentially concocted a conspiracy theory that John Podesta and other members of Team HRC were running a child prostitution and pedophile ring out of Comet Ping Pong restaurant via coded words in emails. Eventually one of the crazy believers of this theory took a gun traveled from North Carolina to Washington and fired shots in the restaurant before being arrested.

Number 7 – DJT vs. Gold Star Family

In is what is arguably one of Trump’s most cringeworthily moment of the campaign Trump unleased a Twitter tirade against the Khans, a gold star family, after they spoke out against him during the Democratic National Convention. Trump of course took the bait. I consider the punching down completely unnecessary and Trump needed to respond like a President and ignore the jabs.

Number 6 – Huma Abedin Weinergate Part III

Many lay the blame for the James Comey letter informing Congressional leadership of the discovery of additional emails that might impact the HRC investigation at the feet of Huma Abedin. Of course that would not have happened had investigators not discovered emails that had not been handed over to the DOJ when Abedin left.

Number 5 – Jeb!

After raising the most money and the media priming the world for an Electoral Rematch of the Century with a Bush vs. Clinton contest his presidential hopes fizzled out after the third primary when it seemed he could not gain any traction. Ironically he branded his campaign Jeb Exclamation Point and may have been undone by Trumps Low Energy Jeb attacks.

Number 4 – The Mainstream Media

The credibility of many media outlets took a severe hit as many were exposed as not just friendly to the Clinton campaign, but seen as carrying her water. The right has accused the mainstream media of this for years, but to see it exposed in the Podesta emails was a reality check for many. They went all-in for Clinton and seemed emotionally stunned as election night progressed.

Number 3 – Hollywood Celebrities

In the final weeks of the Campaign celebrities came out in full force against Trump. From choreographed “surprised” dorm room visits to free concerts they really pushed the get out of the vote for Clinton. They tweeted and via their identity politics helped divide the country. When DTJ was elected they turned bitter encouraging people to not accept the election or Trump finally turning to desperate pleading to the Electors to get them to go against the will of the people. My beef is the number of celebrities that vowed to leave the country if Trump won. Well he did and we are waiting for them to leave.

Number 2 – Barrack Obama’s Legacy

I had originally had this lower on the list and in light of the last couple of days really had to reevaluate. BHO said that he had a Phone and a Pen and he would get things done that way if Congress refused to act. Now he is seeing the consequence of ruling by executive fiat. Combine that with Republicans majority in Congress and Senate and Obama’s vaulted ACA will go away as well. The past couple of days BHO has gone out of his way to kick over the apple cart on his way out the door by allowing the UN Resolution against Israel to stand and issue sanctions against Russia with very flimsy proof. I believe he now truly realizes that elections do have consequences as he acts out like a spoiled child to muddy the political waters to protect his legacy.

Number 1 – HRC beaten by the Deplorables

In September HRC gave a speech in which he referred to half of Trumps supporters as being in a “Basket of Deplorables”. She defined these deplorables as “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic – you name it.” She went on to further describe them as “irredeemable” and “not Americans”. In a move based solely on identity politics it was a speech designed to shame Trump supporters. Instead of shaming his supports it galvanized them and they took the title as a badge of honor in standing up against political correctness. Some might say this was the turning point of the campaign for HRC and I believe they are correct.

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