Once again California proves to be the hotbed of Draconian Liberals with over 800 new laws taking effect on the 1st of January. As a 21 year survivor of Californians’ intolerance for liberty I used to sardonically refer to this annual date as the “Erosion of Freedoms Day.” In addition to being able to afford a house that I can pay off in my lifetime, this new batch of legislative restrictions has made me especially grateful that I no longer live there this year. The new decrees of the “Nanny State” include regulation of cow farts, a plastic bag ban that is not a complete ban if you purchase your plastic bags from the state and a whole slate of attacks against the 2nd amendment. I will review the list of new gun legislation that is going to effect. (Mainly because I find these the most offensive, but also I cannot believe that regulating cow farts has actually become a thing.)

New California Gun Laws

  • Ban on magazines of 10 rounds or more. No grandfather clause for those that have responsibly owned them for years without incident. 10 seems like a very arbitrary number. Are there studies that prove 11 round magazines are inherently more dangerous or represent some grave peril to the public? No this was a number pulled out a democrat’s ass. It is the starting point from which your freedoms can be eroded and eventually Barney Fife the populous by making it eventually illegal to carry ammunition anywhere else but your shirt pocket.
  • Background checks and permits required for ammunition purchases. So requiring people to show ID at the same time they vote is disenfranchisement and unconstitutional, but submitting to background checks and showing ID is common sense when you buy ammunition?
  • Ban on purchasing weapons that have a “Bullet Button” (removable magazine) and contain any of the “Evil Features”. Essentially redefines the Assault Weapon to be the following:
    • A Semi-automatic centerfire rifle with removal magazine with any of the below features;
      • Pistol group that protrudes conspicuously beneath of the action of the weapon
      • Thumbhole stock
      • Folding or telescoping stock
      • Grenade Launcher or Flare Launcher
      • Flash Suppressor
      • Forward Pistol Grip
    • While I would personally never own a Grenade Launcher… Still DPRK has no Constitutional authority to ban or restrict it.
  • Retroactive Registration of those weapons mentioned above that violate the new ban of combination of quick release magazine and “Evil Feature” with the California DOJ by 2018 and agreement to submit to periodic inspection of those weapons by law enforcement officials. So let me see if I have this correct. Liberal Logic is that putting someone on a list for enhanced monitoring is bad if it is a refugee coming to this country from an area where there is a degree of risk that a terrorist would infiltrate their ranks and good when it is a U.S. Citizen exercising their second amendment rights.
  • Ban on selling, lending, giving or trading the newly defined assault weapon. This is a personal property issue. Cars and Pressure Cookers can be deadly, but we do not see the same ridiculous restrictions on how people handle THEIR personal property in these cases.
  • Restrictions on assault weapon inheritance. Upon your death, whoever you bequeathed the assault weapon to has 80 days to take the weapon out of state, render it inoperable or turn it over to law enforcement. It is official. California is now infringing your Constitutional rights in the afterlife.
  • Controls on handgun storage for law enforcement. Apparently criminals steal weapons. Good thing they are placing more controls on how the police store their pressure cookers as well… oh wait…

As I stated in my previous post on Political Correctness, a common strategy of the Political Left in America is to try to get you to willingly give up your rights one “Reasonable Accommodation” or “Common Sense Reform” at a time until they are eroded to such a degree they are no longer freedoms. The framers of the Constitution did not hedge or add exceptions to this right. They were quite clear and resolute in this regard. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” There is no equivocation in that statement and those that support the 2nd Amendment must be every bit as clear when we push back against these microattacks of liberty.

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