Tomorrow on December 19, 2016 Electors from all 50 states will gather in their respective state capitals and cast their votes for President of the United States. If the will of the people from every state is carried out then the final Electoral Vote will be 306 to 232 and Donald J. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. We already know that one elector from Texas will become a faithless elector and not vote for Trump. While I do not suspect that there are 36 others who will do the same thing I suspect there are a couple more who will use this to make an Anti-Trump statement. With tomorrow pretty much a formality I would like to turn my attention to something that I have found very interesting since election night. Watching the liberal left move through the 5 Stages of Grief, albeit some appear to be stuck in some of the earlier stages.

  1. Denial and Isolation – One need only peruse Twitter and the #notmypresident tweets to see that there are many who are still here and unwilling to face reality.
  2. Anger – Riots anyone? While many of the protests were non-violent and without incident there were a few protests that turned violent and led to full blown riots.
  3. Bargaining – After multiple petitions being circulated by many on the left to replace the Electoral College with the Popular Vote, we now have some who overnight have become constitutional scholars who would like to see those Electors go against the will of the people. Unite for America (Ironic because what they propose would tear the country apart) recently gathered some B-List celebrities to try to sway the Republican Electors to change their votes.
  4. Depression – God Bless the Young Turks…
  5. Acceptance – While it appeared that Clinton had accepted the loss and gave her concession speech the day after the election it appears that since then she may have gone backwards in the stages. She jumped in with Jill Stein on several recount efforts. Recently she bitterly blamed James Comey and the Russians as the reason for the loss.

While the majority of those that were disappointed by this election tomorrow will move fully into Acceptance there is going to be a very small vocal minority of people that will remain in one of the first four stages. Even if President Trump does well, this fragment, which unfortunately includes way too much of Big Media, will be using their influence to tear him down. It will be upon those of us on the Conservative side of the fence to ensure that the truth is being told. We have a responsibility to not only hold his feet to the fire when he strays off the path, but more importantly support him when he is doing what is right for America.

*Electoral Map taken from

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